Online Song Choices Form

  • Please make your song selections using the form below. Bear in mind that I may not have time to play every song you choose - so if you have any priority songs that you definitely want played, please let me know using the 'Notes' section at the bottom of the page.

    You can choose all the songs, or just pick out a few favourites and I'll fill in any gaps, based on the selections you've made. If you want to pick every song, please use the following as a guide:

    Ceremony + Drinks Reception

    If you have booked me for the Ceremony + Reception, please choose 30-35 songs. Please specify which songs you want for the bridal entrance, the signing of the register (2/3 songs) and the married couple exit using the 'Notes' section at the bottom of the form.

    Evening Party

    Please choose 30-35 songs and specify your first dance song, if applicable. This will give me a few reserves... you never know, I might play an encore!


    Please enter any non-repertoire special requests in the 'Requests' section at the bottom of the page. There is a limit, due to the time it takes to learn new songs. Requests must be sent to me at least a month before the wedding, otherwise unfortunately I can't guarantee that I will have time to learn them. If I think I won't be able to play your requests acoustically, I'll let you know as soon as possible.


Song Choices

  • * How many requests to make?
    - Ceremony + Drinks Reception package: up to 3 requests
    - Evening Party package: up to 3 requests
    - Full Day package: up to 5 requests
    - Wedding ceremony only: up to 2 requests
    - Drinks reception only, or short evening set: up to 2 requests