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Personal information/GDPR

With the advent of GDPR and in-line with previous data protection laws, even as a very small business I take your personal data seriously. Here is a plain-English summary of my data policies:

  • Your contact details will only be used in relation to your booking – for example emails with important booking information and correspondence regarding your wedding/event. I may email you once or twice after the event for feedback, but certainly won’t spam you with special offers and promotions!
  • Your full home address, including postcode, is required for the legally-binding contract. I won’t send anything to your home address, unless you request paper copies of the contract.
  • Any personal data supplied on the booking form or otherwise will be held in digital format only. If paper copies are received, I will scan and convert them to digital format and destroy the original paper copies. This avoids the possibility of personal data on paper falling into the wrong hands.
  • To ensure security of the digital data, my files are held in a secure, encrypted cloud-based storage account. This is password-protected and only I have access to this data, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands. I access this data via a password-protected laptop or passcode-protected mobile phone.
  • I will NEVER pass your data on to any third parties.

Social Media & Web Presence

  • On the wedding day, I’ll occasionally record snippets of my performance and take photos. When you sign the contract, you agree to my using these on my social media channels (Instagram/Facebook mostly).
  • You can opt-out, so if you’re in any way uncomfortable with this just let me know and I’ll make sure I don’t share anything.
  • If you’ve already agreed to my using photos/video/audio from the day, but you’ve spotted something online you’d rather wasn’t there, just let me know and I’ll take it down straight away.
  • I try not to get any of your wedding guests into my photos or videos (children in particular), but occasionally this may happen, so to reiterate the above point, if there’s anything you’d rather I removed, just let me know.

Terms and conditions

I’ll send you a full contract when you book. If there’s anything you’re unhappy with in the contract, and you do not wish to sign and continue with the booking I’ll cancel the booking and refund your reservation fee immediately.

Here’s a plain-English summary of the most important T&Cs:

Cancellation, refunds and payment policies

  • The reservation fee is to be paid by bank transfer at the time of booking. This holds the date, but the booking is only confirmed when the full contract is signed and returned.
  • There’s a cooling off period, so if you change your mind within 14 days of booking, just let me know – I’l return the reservation fee and cancel the booking with no questions asked.
  • After the cooling off period is over, the reservation fee is non-refundable.
  • The final balance is to be paid two months before the wedding.
  • If I have to cancel your booking (highly unlikely!) you’ll receive any money you have paid back.
  • If you have to cancel your booking, the T&C’s above still apply. To avoid any financial losses I strongly encourage couples to obtain adequate wedding insurance that covers you in the event of an unexpected cancellation.
  • If COVID restrictions come back into place, I’ll honour postponements forced by a National lockdown where possible.

Weather, location, setup and access

  • British weather is unpredictable! Make sure you have a plan B, even if you have a Summer wedding planned.
  • For outdoor events, I’ll try to play outside if I can but if the weather on the day is unreliable I may have to set up in an alternative inside area. I might be able to still play outside if there’s adequate cover where I can keep my equipment dry. I’d recommend you chat to your venue co-ordinator for advice as they will have seen every situation you can think of!
  • On very hot days I’ll also need shade/cover. Standing for two hours in the direct sun when it’s 30 degrees isn’t fun!
  • Most dedicated wedding venues have good access, but if you think there might be any difficulties getting music equipment to your venue, you must let me know so that I can allow extra time to set up. This could include single track/unpaved lanes, steep hills, significant distance between venue and car park, etc.
  • If your venue doesn’t have dedicated parking and I have to use public facilities, any additional charges may be added onto your quote.

As with anything, make sure you read the T&C’s fully on your contract when booking. I hope you’ll find that they’re very fair, but if you have any questions, you know where I am!