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Before filling in this form, please ensure you’ve contacted me to check I’m available on your date!

Please fill out the booking form as fully as possible – if any fields are unknown or not relevant, just enter TBC or N/A. Please read the terms and conditions and data protection policy before booking.

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NB: no need to send the full order of the day over! Just the timings that are relevant to the booking (eg, if booking for ceremony + drinks reception, I only need to know the ceremony time)

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Personal information/GDPR

With the advent of GDPR and in-line with previous data protection laws, even as a very small business I take your personal data seriously. Here is a plain-English summary of my data policies:

  • Your contact details will only be used in relation to your booking – for example emails with important booking information and correspondence regarding your wedding/event. I may email you after the event for feedback, although this is fairly unlikely.
  • Your full home address, including postcode, is required for the legally-binding contract. I won’t send anything to your home address, unless you request paper copies of the contract.
  • Any personal data supplied on the booking form or otherwise will be held in digital format only. If paper copies are received, I will scan and convert them to digital format and destroy the original paper copies. This avoids the possibility of personal data on paper falling into the wrong hands.
  • To ensure security of the digital data, my files are held in a secure, encrypted cloud-based storage account. This is password-protected and only I have access to this data, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands. I access this data via a password-protected laptop or passcode-protected mobile phone.
  • I will NEVER pass your data on to any third parties.

Social Media & Web Presence

  • On the wedding day, I’ll occasionally record snippets of my performance and take photos. When you sign the contract, you agree to my using these on my social media channels (Instagram/Facebook mostly).
  • Of course you can opt-out of this, so if you’re in any way uncomfortable with this just let me know and I’ll make sure I don’t share anything.
  • If you’ve already agreed to my using photos/video/audio from the day, but you’ve spotted something online you’d rather wasn’t there, just let me know and I’ll take it down straight away.
  • I try not to get any of your wedding guests into my photos or videos (children in particular), but occasionally this may happen, so to reiterate the above point, if there’s anything you’d rather I removed, just let me know.

Terms and conditions

Here is a summary of the most important terms and conditions that you agree to when booking.

I’ll send you a full contract when you book. If there’s anything you’re unhappy with in the contract, and you do not wish to sign and continue with the booking I’ll cancel the booking and refund your reservation fee immediately.

"Pat McIntyre" musical entertainment services is hereinafter referred to as "the Performer". The person making the booking is hereinafter referred to as "the Purchaser".

When submitting this booking form, the Purchaser agrees to be bound be the following terms and conditions:

Bookings are not confirmed and secured until a completed booking form and reservation fee are received by the Performer. If these are not received in a timely manner, the Purchaser may offer the booking date out to other interested parties.

Once booking form & reservation fee are received, the Performer will send the Purchaser a legally binding contract which must be signed and returned to the Performer. If a signed contract is not received by the Performer within two weeks of sending it, the booking may be subject to cancellation.

The total cost of the engagement is outlined in the contract, and the Purchaser agrees to settle the final balance no later than two months before the wedding or event.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

The Purchaser has a "cooling off" period of 14 days after booking (date of booking is the date on which the Performer receives the reservation fee and booking form) The Purchaser may cancel and receive a refund during this time, but after this 14 day period the reservation fee is non-refundable in all cases.

Should the Purchaser cancel within two months of the engagement, the entire Performance Fee is non-refundable.

If, when the performance day arrives, the full balance has not been settled, the Performer will not attend the event and the Purchaser will still be liable for the full balance.


It is the Purchaser's responsibility to make provisions in the event of inclement weather. For outdoor performances, the Purchaser shall ideally provide overhead shelter for setup area. The Performer reserves the right, in good faith, to delay or cancel the performance should the weather pose a potential danger to him, the equipment, or the audience. Every effort will be made to continue the performance. However, safety is paramount in all decisions. The Performer's compensation will not be affected by such cancellation and no part of the Performance Fee will be refunded.

For outdoor performances where no overhead shelter is provided, the Performer will make a judgment call on the day as to whether it is safe to set electrical equipment outside. If the weather is set fair, this should be no problem – but if conditions are wet or unpredictable the Performer will set up in an alternative indoor location. If the weather improves during the performance, and the wedding party move outdoors, the Performer will attempt to move equipment to continue the performance if safe. Alternatively, the Performer may attempt to follow the wedding party outdoors but play acoustically without amplification. The Purchaser understands that the Performer will do everything possible to complete the scheduled performance, but unfortunately these eventualities may result in a reduction in playing time.


If there are any access issues at the venue, these MUST be stated at the time of booking. For example: steps, stairs or unpaved pathways, distance between car access and venue entrance, or any other obstacle that may result in difficulty transporting equipment to the venue. If, at arrival to the venue, access is an issue and this has not been stated beforehand, this may result in delay to the performance and/or a smaller equipment set-up (if full PA system can not be moved to the venue by one person). In the worst case scenario, where access is extremely difficult, the Performer reserves the right to cancel the performance – no refund shall be issued in this instance.
If multiple locations are involved (eg. Ceremony in one part of the venue, Drinks reception elsewhere) this also MUST be stated on the booking form – failure to state this may result in delays or a reduction in playing time.
If parking charges apply at your venue this must be stated when booking, and will be added to the performance fee. Failure to state this may result in an invoice being sent after the event.

A full list of terms and conditions will be confirmed in writing in the contract.