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  • Use the tick-box form below to make your song selections. Bear in mind that I may not have time to play every song you choose - so if you have any priority songs that you definitely want played, please let me know using the 'Notes' section at the bottom of the page.

    Please note: The song choices form is intended as a guide. Where possible, I'll try to follow your choices as closely as possible, but occasionally it may be necessary to change the set list during the event. For example - if I'm playing an evening set, and I think there may not be enough upbeat songs picked to keep everyone on the dance floor, I may swap a few choices out to keep the momentum going.


    Please enter any non-repertoire special requests in the 'Requests' section at the bottom of the page. There is a limit, due to the time it takes to learn new songs. Requests must be sent to me at least a month before the wedding, otherwise unfortunately I can't guarantee that I will have time to learn them. If I think I won't be able to play your requests acoustically, I'll let you know as soon as possible.

    How many songs to choose?

    You can choose all the songs, or just pick out a few favourites and I'll fill in any gaps, based on the selections you've made. If you want to pick every song, please use the following as a guide:

    Ceremony + Drinks Reception

    If you have booked me for the Ceremony + Reception, please choose 30-35 songs. Please specify which songs you want for the bridal entrance, the signing of the register (2/3 songs) and the married couple exit using the 'Notes' section at the bottom of the form.

    Evening Party

    Please choose 30-35 songs and specify your first dance song, if applicable. This will give me a few reserves... you never know, I might play an encore!


Song Choices


Special Requests

  • * Please list any songs you want me to play that are not listed above.
    How many requests to make?
    - Ceremony + Drinks Reception package: up to 3 requests
    - Evening Party package: up to 3 requests
    - Full Day package: up to 5 requests
    - Wedding ceremony only: up to 2 requests
    - Drinks reception only, or short evening set: up to 2 requests

Wedding ceremony songs

  • If you have booked me to play at your wedding ceremony, please list your music choices below:

First Dance


Notes / any other information