Whilst I’ll try to keep this page up-to-date, the COVID situation is changing all the time. Contact me for the latest information if you’re unsure.

Last updated: 21st January 2021.

Existing wedding bookings

We are postponing our wedding – can you move our booking over to a new date?

Yes – assuming I’m available on your new date. Before making any postponement decisions, I’d ask that you check availability with all of your suppliers first. We’re all having to move multiple bookings, and this effectively means trying to squeeze two years of bookings into one. As you can imagine, our diaries are getting incredibly busy, so to avoid disappointment I’d recommend getting a selection of multiple dates from your venue and trying to choose one that works for both you and your suppliers.

Are there any extra charges for moving our date?

No additional admin fees, but depending on your new date an annual price rise might apply. Bookings moved to 2022 will incur a £25 charge and £50 for 2023. This will be applied to your outstanding balance.

What happens if you can’t make our new date?

As mentioned above, the first option should be to get a selection of postponement options from your venue. If you’ve chosen a new date without contacting me, there’s a chance I might not be available. If you’ve sourced a few different dates and I can’t make any of them, I’ll offer some alternative options so that you’re still getting some value for your booking fee, such as:
– Personalised high-quality professional recordings for your wedding ceremony/first dance. This may be two or three bespoke songs depending on the booking fee you’ve already paid, with the option to purchase extra recordings.
– I can look into finding you an alternative similar musician at the same agreed fees.
– If we can’t come to any alternative agreement, I’ll refund any balance already paid minus the booking fee which is non-refundable in all cases.

We’re not sure if we’re going to postpone – can you hold another date for us just in case?

I’d love to but I simply don’t have the room in my diary to hold multiple dates. The best I can do is to pencil in your reserve date, then contact you if someone else enquires for this date. I’ll give you first refusal in this instance.

If we downsize our wedding, what happens with our booking?

When weddings start happening again I expect a phased return to be implemented, similar to what happened in Autumn 2020. This may be 15 or 30 guests initially – we’ll have to see how it plays out, but it will depend on what the government regulations are at the time of your wedding.

In most cases I should be able to fulfil your booking as planned, although timings may need to be tweaked. I’ll work with you and will be flexible to make it work. For example, at a microwedding last year I played during the meal rather than the drinks reception. For another smaller wedding I played a laid-back quieter evening set, rather than an upbeat party set due to the ban on dancing and singing.

Like I say, I’ll work with you to make it happen! And if new rules come in that ban live music completely, I can either do a live stream for you on the day or provide some recordings that you can play, so that you’ll still have my music at your wedding in some form.

We’re cancelling our wedding – what happens with our booking?

I totally understand – things are still very uncertain, and in some cases couples have moved their dates 2 or 3 times already. I will keep working with you and moving dates for as long as this pandemic lasts, but I can appreciate that for some it’s all a bit too much, and I totally sympathise with anyone thinking of cancelling their celebration.

In my experience so far, all of my cancellation requests so far have actually been indefinite postponements. Most people have said that they’re still looking to get married, they just don’t know when and want to see how the pandemic plays out before setting a new date. In this case you’d be most welcome to put the booking on ice, and contact me as soon as a date is set – even if this is a year or two in the future. Any fees already paid will be applied to your new booking. If you’re cancelling completely with no future wedding on the horizon, this is a voluntary cancellation so my regular T&C’s would apply in this instance.

New bookings

If we book with you during the pandemic, will you return our deposit if our wedding doesn’t go ahead?

No. I don’t take deposits – the initial fee you pay to secure your date is a non-refundable reservation fee. This fee covers admin, time and it reserves your chosen date. It’s non-refundable in all cases.

If the pandemic is still causing problems nearer to our wedding and we wish to postpone, will this be ok?

Yes absolutely – see the FAQ’s for existing wedding bookings above. Any new bookings taken at this time will be treated exactly the same as existing customers.

Do you have any offers or discounts for microweddings?

Not currently. Usually the service I provide at smaller celebrations is the same time duration as a regular wedding, and I’m still providing the same amount of music so the fee remains the same. However, I’m always happy to put together a bespoke quote if timings are looking a little different to the norm – just send me a message and I’ll quote for this.